Chennai Retail Summit

Speaker 2018

K.R. Nagarajan

Founder & chairman, Ramraj Group of Companies

A brief introduction about Mr. K.R. Nagarajan, Founder & chairman, Ramraj Group of Companies. A follower of Gandhian principals, involved in textile weaving industry with an intention to support and help, the Handloom & weaving community across villages in Tamilnadu & nearby states.

A person who believes that any Job done with total involvement and passion, your thoughts will become more powerful and that with dedication powerful thought will induce to do more and more, and to perform and to achieve higher results. A person who believes in simplicity and, any Job is an Elite Job, and for success only Mantra is to work smart.

  • Mr. K.R. Nagarajan Chairs
  • Trustee, Temple of Conscious, Aliyar
  • Vice president, The World Community Service Centre
  • Secretary, Directorate of finance and Development
  • Join secretary, Vetri trust- a social service Organization
  • Administrative committee Member, Manavala Kalai Mandram Trust, Tirupur
  • President, Nagaichuvai Mandram, Tirupur
  • A Member of Agaram Foundation, Chennai

A person who made white revolution and made Dhoti, a powerful attire. Because of powerful branding starting from 1983, now completing 33 years Dhoti has become a Prestigious Wear. A time was there were, person wearing Dhoti will not be allowed to enter Star Hotels, but today it has become a symbol of Eliteness and Prestigious. Through the advertisement campaign he has made people to salute to the individuals who come in Dhoti attire.